Marketing And Design

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Marketing and Design are just like two sides of a brain.

The left side (logical) takes care of marketing and the right side (creative) takes care of design.

The magic sparkles when the two teams up as a strong communicator of a company (a brand) to the company audience i.e. the customer or the client.

How marketing and designing works?

Well, there are people and there are products and services. Both available in a huge numbers. But not all products or services is for every person or people around.

So the team (marketers) plans out a strategic approach to communicate with the company’s niche audience.

And to do this they join hands with the design masters who can translate the words into impactful visuals.

How is this market informed about products or services?

Appropriate design communication is planned in their strategy. The marketers design various ways of advertising to communicate the information to them.

These ways can be categories to –

  • BTL (Below The Line i.e. direct mail campaigns, trade shows, catalog etc.),
  • ATL (Above The Line i.e. ads on billboards, television, radio etc.),
  • TTL (Through The Line – it combines both above the Line and below the line advertising)

For a successful communication a strong visual design is been created.

The best challenge is the marry of two different aspect of creativity. One that is in designing strategy and the other lies in the visual communication.

When it comes to creating impactful visual design it opens up many opportunities to experiment with. Creative visual design includes innovation advertising like guerilla marketing, interactive billboards, programable led based advertisement, 3d print etc.

Click here for more on different art and design form styles that can used for visual communication.

Today, advances in advertisement leads to connect with your clients or customers directly using bot or artificial intelligence (AI) or augmented reality (AR) in the brands social media accounts to have a wider and instant reach. Targeting the right audience.