Art and Design ABCD

abcd of art and design in graphic design

Art and Design ABCD mean there are so many different types of design and art forms that can be listed in alphabetically.

I always wondered, if the styles in graphics design has names or do they stand as an individual identity. The answer is yes. Yes they do.

You can many times go and identify them as typography art, or minimalist styling, or illustrations etc.

As an artist, you use it as per your concept. Your idea, your style. Be you working on graphic design for any marketing communication, experimenting art with your ideas, or brainstorming an innovative way to talk about the product with its audience.

Different clients, different ideas, different audience. Here is a list of few art and design forms style used.

Different types of art used in graphic design, marketing and advertising, art –

A – avant garde
B – block print
C – complementary art
D – decorative design
E – expressionism
F – futuristic art
G – graffiti
H – hues
I – illustration
J – neon art
K – kaleidoscope
L – line art
M – minimalism
N – negative space
O – optical art
P – pop art, pixel art
Q – querrilla
R – repetition
S – Symmetry design
T – typography
U – urban art
V – vintage art
W – warli art
X – xo art
Y – yarn or string art
Z – zine art

Phew! That’s a long list. But the most confusing part is which to rank. And how?

If you go in detail to all, they all stand so unique and interesting. And as a art lover, or practicing art you would like to try a hand once on all.

Using it in graphic design

If you closely look at the list, they look very individual art style. As a graphic designer, I do agree with it. But I do would say here that they do make a strong impact on audience, especially when it is used in marketing and advertising.

Many a times, a mix of two or three designs forms works best. BUT, BUT, if only the design concept permits. Else, you could end up presenting a confused and an complicated design art to audience specially in marketing and advertising.

I have used some of these art forms in my project. Illustration, Line art, etc. Although my most clients have the corporate taste, which gives me very little to explore these art on their creative requirement. But then there is a change. I sometime get project to work free to choose art forms. Sport event, fashion, and many more, there are industries that go beyond the standard formats and dare to try new. Especially, in today’s high competitive time, following trends work best but trying out new makes trendsetters.

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